I took this picture last week when I was visiting a friend who lives in Hollywood. The guy on the right is a missionary and was proselytizing to the guy on the left. The punk kept jumping down off of the trash can to interrupt the conversation.



Faith Baptist Church. (Travis Combest interview)



Main street Berne.


The Berne Post Office is on the left. To the right, in the background, is the Library.


Here's the Swiss themed McDonalds. For some reason everyone thinks this is quite a landmark. Inside, it has a fake glockenspiel and a bunch of Swiss sayings painted on the "rafters". Also, they serve bratwurst.


This is Swiss sprawl north of town on U.S. 27.


The little brown building on the left is Happy's Place bar. Pending their approval for a liquor licence, the McMillions would like to buy the big brick building to the right and turn it into a steak house. (Vicki McMillion interview)


Looking south, in the foreground is the proposed site for the Muensterberg Clock Tower. The First Mennonite church is in the background. (Ben Sprunger/Duane Moser interviews)


This guy was hanging out, drinking Chivas and Faygo, on the night I interviewed Infamus (aka Aaron Dyment).


A picture of Infamus with his new microphone.



CTS. (Duane Moser interview)


Dunbar. (Duane Moser interview)


Berco. (Duane Moser interview)


Mackintosh, now a recycling center. (Duane Moser interview)


Berne Tube. (Duane Moser interview)



Here's Troy on his bagpipes. (Happy's Place interview)


This is the Main st. view of "Haps." (Happy's Place interview)

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